Why would you contact me?

To promote destinations

I am available to collaborate with Tourism Entities, Tour Operators and various Organizations that need greater visibility, and to enhance a specific destination. I am willing to share my experience and I can give personal advice to whoever may be inspired to follow my travels. .

To do consultations on specific travels

I have developed a passion for helping with the organization and giving advice on logistics, activities and experiences of a specific place, so everyone can organize their own trip in complete autonomy. Alternatively, I can create a customized travel itinerary for small groups of people, where I had direct experience.

To review my experiences

I am willing to write a review on activities, accommodations, and restaurants that I have experienced, here or on my social media.

To write articles on traveling

I love writing articles about peculiar destinations or describe travel experiences to be published in trade magazines or newspapers. I supply clear and truthful information to provide the reader with useful tips and advice to face a trip better.

To request any kind of collaboration or for a specific request, you can contact me by filling out the following form:

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