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Weekend in Vienna: your essential guide to Europe’s most elegant capital

Vienna is one of the most fascinating European capitals, rich in history and in things to do. In 2019 Vienna was voted the best city in the world for its quality of life and you can understand why as soon as you walk its streets. Vienna is definitely an interesting choice for a lovely weekend

4 basic rules how to choose a hotel in a big city

If you are about to choose a hotel for your next trip to a European capital or any other big city in the world and you are asking yourself how you can find the right hotel for you among the thousand offers you see online, you might find helpful this article with these 4 basic

The 3 questions to organize a trip: when, where and why

If you are wondering where to start planing a trip, you have to ask yourself some fundamental questions every single time you want to start planning it; regardless of whether it is a day trip or a transatlantic adventure lasting several weeks. Let us see what these key questions are to define our journey. When

“Sbecolar”, the alternative choice of how and where to eat in Verona

There are some points during the day (in particular before lunch and dinner) in which you are hungry, but not so hungry and you just want to taste something to accompany the aperitif. So what do you do? You “sbecoli” to appease your hunger. Sbecolar in the veronese dialect stands for tasting and sampling and

Dubai for families: why is it a top choice

Regardless, Dubai is a top choice. It is one of the unique and most contradictory cities of the world, built in the void of the desert. Dubai is the choice for everyone, even for families, which want to spend some days of pure fun in complete safety. In Dubai, there are many activities for families