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Holidays in the North Aegean: three unmissable beaches on the island of Lesvos

The island of Lesvos is a Greek island in the north Aegean. It is the third largest island in Greece and this already makes you realize that there is no shortage of kilometers of coastline and beaches. As the island is large and the roads are often not very easy, it can take up to

Why visit the Greek island of Lesvos: 7 reasons to chose it as your vacation!

The island of Lesvos is a Greek island located in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea and right off the east coast of Turkey. Also known as the homeland of Sappho, Lesvos is the third largest Greek island by surface area and the eighth in the Mediterranean. The capital of the island is Mytilene.

Where to go on vacation in Greece: tips on how to make the best choice

If it is the first time, but not only, you have decided to go on a holiday to Greece, I will give you some useful suggestions to be able to better navigate through the choices available. There are many people who ask me “This summer I want to go on vacation to Greece, where can

The most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki: which ones to visit at Sithonia peninsula

Many of the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki are located on the second peninsula, also known as “the foot” with the name Sithonia. Generally speaking, in Sithonia the sea has many shades of blue. Some beaches are sandy, others with pebbles. Some are equipped, most of them in their natural state. In short, Sithonia can

Fun facts of ouzo: history, where does the name come from and its properties

Ouzo is closely related with Greece, its summers and its sea. In Greece it is considered the alcoholic drink par excellence and at the same time, very popular with tourists. It is produced in various parts of Greece although the most traditional places are the island of Lesvos, in particular the area of ​​Plomari, Tyrnavos