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Ouzo, the national drink that embodies excellently the Greek culture!

Ouzo is a Greek distilled alcoholic drink between 40° and 50° Vol based on anise seeds, herbs and alcohol of agricultural origin. It can be considered one of the most consumed alcoholic drinks in Greece and the most traditional to sip when in the country. A glass of ouzo is always present at the Greek

Top dishes Greeks eat for the New Year’s: Vasilopita and Kreatopita

Greece as any other country, has some common traditions throughout the country. In almost every home during Christmas time you will be offered sweets such as melomakarona, kourabiedes or diples. The culmination of the sweets galore though is Vasilopita. A special kind of sweet bread that Greeks all over the world eat on New Year’s

Eating special sardines on Lesbos Island

The island of Lesbos is known to be the home of poets, from the famous ancient poet Sappho to a Nobel prize winner for poetry, Odysseas Elytis. All of them in between have praised its natural environment, its light, its shape and its culinary history. It is true. Besides the crystal-clear waters to dive into

The authentic Greek tavern in Thessaloniki

If you are in Thessaloniki and you want to eat in a truly authentic and traditional Greek tavern, outside the tourist flow, then my advice is to try the ALKYONIDES tavern, managed by Panos and Lefteris. Here you will be able to taste the authentic Greek tradition, characterized not only by delicious courses and reasonable