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8 meat dishes of the greek cuisine that you must eat while on vacation in Greece

What are the typical meat dishes of the greek cuisine? Are you going on holiday to Greece, and want to know what to order at the restaurant? What meat dishes do I need to eat in order to feel like I am in Greece? Thanks to this article you will have all the answers! Eating

Where to eat in Halkidiki? Here are the best restaurants in Kassandra and Sithonia!

Where to eat well in Halkidiki? It is often one of the questions posed for those visiting this region for the first time. The choice of food is always one of the top topics during a holiday. A typical dish, a refined dish or simply good food makes the memory of the trip itself better.

Fun facts of ouzo: history, where does the name come from and its properties

Ouzo is closely related with Greece, its summers and its sea. In Greece it is considered the alcoholic drink par excellence and at the same time, very popular with tourists. It is produced in various parts of Greece although the most traditional places are the island of Lesvos, in particular the area of ​​Plomari, Tyrnavos

15 typical Greek seafood starters (“mezedes”) to combine with ouzo

If you have been to a Greece, I am sure you will have found yourself at a seafood taverna or restaurant and in front of a great variety of starters trying to pick some. In these tavernas the locals pass their time chatting and drinking ouzo (a distilled aperitif with anise scent) accompanied by a

Loukoumádes, the complete recipe to prepare the delicious Greek dessert

If you have visited Greece and wandered around its cities or villages, you may have noticed some shops that sell almost exclusively deep-fried dumplings, served traditionally with honey and crushed walnuts and cinnamon atop. Those are the called Loukoumádes and are everybody’s favourite sweet treat in Greece. It is hard to find a Greek that