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Thessaloniki, the byzantine and mediterranean city with a lively character

Thessaloniki is the second most important city in Greece after its capital, Athens. Situated in the north of the country, it sits on the waterfront. Thessaloniki is destined to become one of the trendiest touristic destinations, thanks to the new airport that will make it easier to reach it, and to its strategic position next

Have a mystical experience in Halkidiki on Mount Athos

In the north Greece you will find the Halkidiki peninsula, one of the most popular summer retreats because of the quality of its beaches and waters. A particularity of the peninsula is that not all of it is accessible to anyone. In fact, the Mount Athos area is sacred and is considered a small state.

Mount Olympus: Visiting Zeus’ home

The idea of reliving the past of Greek mythology and “meeting” gods, among whom Zeus is the most famous, may deserve a visit to Mount Olympus. Situated in the northern part of the country, it is 2.917 metres tall and it is the most majestic mountain of Greece. The highest peak’s name is Mytikas: this

Skyros, the island of ancient Greek tradition

Skyros is the right island if you are looking for a place to hide, a place to rest and give peace to both soul and body, where you can take part to the sacredness of some ancient rituals and where tradition is still strong and shows claws when it collides with some modern ideas of