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What to do in Thessaloniki with children? 7 activities suitable for the whole family!

What are the best things to do with kids in Thessaloniki? If you are a family who wants to spend a few days in the Greek city, how can you entertain your children? In this article you will find a complete guide on activities suitable for children and teenagers in the city of Thessaloniki. Important

What are the best activities to do and what to see in the island of Corfu

Corfu, known to the Greeks as Kerkyra, is the Greek Ionian Island you don’t expect! It offers the possibility to do various activities and to see historical sites. I visited it at the end of October, during an uncrowded period. The reason for the visit was because I was curious to see the main points

Reasons to visit the unmissable museum of the Macedonian Royal Tombs in Vergina

Vergina is a small town in the Central Macedonia region of Greece and is located about 80 kilometers from Thessaloniki. Why is Vergina famous? Because in the past it was the capital of Ancient Macedonia. Why visit Vergina? Because today it is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece protected by Unesco. In

Why visit the Greek island of Lesvos: 7 reasons to chose it as your vacation!

The island of Lesvos is a Greek island located in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea and right off the east coast of Turkey. Also known as the homeland of Sappho, Lesvos is the third largest Greek island by surface area and the eighth in the Mediterranean. The capital of the island is Mytilene.

Visit the oldest museum of ouzo in Greece at Barbayannis at Lesvos

The island of Lesbos is home to the production of ouzo, the alcoholic beverage par excellence of Greece. In particular, the area where most of it is produced is around the city of Plomari, where there are various distilleries. I visited the Barbayannis distillery, owned by the homonymous family, which houses the oldest and most