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New tourist destination: why choose Halkidiki for a vacation

The Halkidiki Peninsula is waiting to be discovered (at least by the Italian tourists)! Those who go on holiday to Greece immediately think of the best-known Greek islands and do not consider the continental part which offers a sea of ​​the same level. It is true, some islands have an incredible charm, but if you

Between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia: a good idea for a road trip

If you are looking for a road trip itinerary, the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy and Slovenia offer a lot in terms of landscape, history and activities for young and older. I want to tell you about my journey along the state border, with some stops in Italy and others in Slovenia. It is

What are the best activities to do and what to see in the island of Corfu

Corfu, known to the Greeks as Kerkyra, is the Greek Ionian Island you don’t expect! It offers the possibility to do various activities and to see historical sites. I visited it at the end of October, during an uncrowded period. The reason for the visit was because I was curious to see the main points

Where to eat in Halkidiki? Here are the best restaurants in Kassandra and Sithonia!

Where to eat well in Halkidiki? It is often one of the questions posed for those visiting this region for the first time. The choice of food is always one of the top topics during a holiday. A typical dish, a refined dish or simply good food makes the memory of the trip itself better.

North Greece: general guide on where to go, what to see and what to do

When it comes to Greece, it happens to instinctively associate it with the most famous islands of the Cyclades, such as Santorini or Mykonos, or with the most famous historical places such as the Acropolis or Mycenae. When you think of Greece, summer immediately comes to mind. But there is also a less known part