My name is Christian, I am Italian and I created this blog to make my experience in the world of travels available to you.

The name of this blog is deliberately whimsical and playful, “Trips are Over”… that is trips are finished! I believe that a journey should go beyond the simple “trip”. A journey needs to be lived as an “experience”, which stays in your heart and it should be able to give you emotions and memories. In this site, you will be able to find some useful advice to transform a simple “trip” into an experience. Advice that I would like to share with you.

Something about me…

Since I was a child, I have always travelled. First, thanks to my parents who brought me here and there; then, while growing up, with my friends and in the actual phase alone or with my family just for fun. I took my first flight in 1990. I remember I sat near the window and after the plane took off, I promised myself I would never board a plane ever again. To date, I have taken more than 900 flights. Things change in life.

I like interacting with people, I consider myself social, I love planning, and organizing travels. By nature, I have an optimistic character (I always see that part of the glass full) and I hope that with this blog’s articles I can transmit to you my joy in travelling. You cannot understand the world without going out of your house.

Which is my travel style?

Surely, I like comfort, moving around to see landscapes and cities and I enjoy good cooking. I love the non-touristic details of the places I visit and interacting with local people to feel like I am a part of them. The Italian saying, “When in Rome, act like a roman” is true! When you visit a place, try your best to identify yourself with the environment and the traditions of the place because it is only in this way that you will entirely appreciate it.

Focus on Greece…

In the last 5 years, I have spent most of my time in Greece and this allowed me to know this nation better. Particularly the north of Greece, including the Halkidiki peninsulas and the less famous islands. For this reason, I created a section dedicated to Greece to promote its territory and I wish I can be a useful reference for this part of Greece, which deserves to be discovered. At the same time, I have never stopped moving here and there, because once you stop ,you are lost! Fasten your seat belt… we are taking off together! Christian

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